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Music I listen to

If its good I listen no matter...... good music is good music and sweets for the soul.

People I look up to

Selena Quintanilla she rocked the world with her voice.

Interesting facts about me

Hi my name is Jennifer and I live in San Antonio Texas, I like all kinds of things and I love horse racing and horses.
My race track is Retama Park in San Antonio Texas and I love going their because they give away money! hehehe!!! sometimes when you win!
I win some lose a lot but always have fun and I love horse racing, I use mostly computer programs for my handicapping or ene meanie miney moe hehehe!!!
I'm also a big fan and love the game Gallop Racer and years ago when Gallop Racer 2004 was big I loved playing it and came to this forum often to help my game and read the threads and I became very good at GR2004.
Well I just bought Gallop Racer 2006 and I'm ready to play ,but this time I want to join the forum and post a long with you .


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